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commonground's Journal

Common Ground
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Everybody seems to have an opinion. It is sometimes difficult to talk about the subject without getting into a fight with someone who doesn't agree with you.

This is a safe haven for both pro-life and pro-choice activists out in the world that would like to try and find a way that we can all live and work together about one of the most passionate and emotional topics that is dividing our country.

No cussing, name-calling, flaming, stereotyping, violence, or lack of respect for the other side will be tolerated.

This is not a debate. Sure, we will disagree...but this community is mainly for the purpose of finding the places where we do agree.

Post abortion news, articles, facts, etc. Ask questions, post ideas and open your heart to people that are probably more like you than you may be willing to admit.

Brought to you by

crys20 and dia7
(A pro-choice activist and pro-life activist, respectively)